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Our Current News

Our Current News

Eyes on Our Future

Date: 21/10/2015

Publish by: Specs Admin

Eyes on Our Future is a College campaign to make parents and carers aware of children’s eye health.

Most children have excellent sight and do not need to wear glasses.Some children may have vision screening done at school (between the ages of four and five).


However, the earlier any problems are picked up, the better the outcome. If there are problems and they are not picked up at an early age, the child may have permanently reduced vision in one or both eyes. If you have any concerns about your child’s eyes, or if there is a history of squint or lazy eye in the family, do not wait for the vision screening at school. Book an appointment for a sight test.


The College has produced an infographic called ‘A short guide to your child’s eyes’ which explains the development of the eye and a video shown below which shows what happens during an eye examination from the perspective of a child called Robert, aged eight.