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Our Current News

Choosing the right frames for your face type

Date: 30/09/2016

For many of us, the most important aspect of choosing eyeglass frames is how they look on our face.

Individual tastes and fashion preferences will ultimately be very important factors in you choosing what is best for you and of course it’s vital that your frames fit you well and sit comfortably.
To help you choose just what’s right for you and to save yourself the trouble of trying on every pair of glasses in the Practice, it helps to start by determining your face shape and to understand which eyeglass frame styles would look best on you.
A few key pointers to follow are: 
1. Your frames should repeat your personal best feature (blue frames look great with blue eyes)
2. The frame shape should contrast with your face shape.
3. The frame size should be in scale with your face size.
Now while most faces are a combination of shapes and angles, there are seven basic face shapes: round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square.
Download the fact sheet below to view what glasses would suit you best, based on the shape of your face.