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Our Current News

Child's play

Date: 27/03/2017

Choosing glasses for children can be a tricky task. Our noses and cheeks have different proportions to our faces when we’re little, and playgrounds are unforgiving environments in terms of wear and tear. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience taking those all-important measurements and matching our younger patients to suitable spectacles...

A comfortable fit is the most important aspect of choosing a child’s glasses, frames that pinch the nose or fall off all the time will likely end up getting ‘lost’ somewhere!

Eyes should be central within the lenses (both horizontally and vertically), while nose pads and arms should fit snugly without pinching. We can recommend frames that will complement the lenses required for your child’s prescription strength, and we can adjust frames to ensure an optimal fit. Slimmed-down lenses are good for reducing the visual impact of glasses, allowing a wider choice of frame designs.

Another vital attribute for children’s glasses is durability, so choose hardwearing frames that can cope with impacts and drops. Many modern frames have spring hinges, which allow the arms to bend outwards slightly without snapping; dedicated sports glasses can also withstand the worst impacts and stresses of physical exercise. Modern lenses are very durable, but anti-scratch coatings will keep them in pristine condition (and providing optimal vision correction) for even longer.