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Archived News

Archived News

Ever Thought about Contact Lenses?

Date: 13/08/2013

Publish by: Specs Admin

We recently saw the lovely Fashion Blogger Ella Gregory, Click Here to read her blog on Daily Beauty Essentials. We were interested to see that fourth on the list were Contact lenses …..

“4. ACUVUE TruEye Contact Lenses.

If you have perfect vision this isn’t going to interest you. But if you’re a contact lenses wearer, like me, you may be excited to discover ACUVUE TruEye*, which offer UV blocking protection and deliver more oxygen to your eyes than ordinary hydrogel lenses. I’ve worn contacts for about two years and, although I’ve never had any problems with them, my eyes usually start to feel dry after about 10 hours of wear. So I was really pleased to find TruEye, which are so comfortable it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing contacts. They’re more expensive than standard lenses, but after trying them for a week I can see why they’re worth the extra spend. Looking at a computer screen all day is much more comfortable and I’m able to wear them for longer periods of time. (And thank you to Specs of Kensington for introducing me to TruEye).  "


A couple of months ago we also had a visit from Diverse Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Ryan Panchoo, who was to be fitted with contact lenses. Click Here to read about his experience . As a previously failed Contact Lens wearer Ryan said "These are probably the most comfortable things I have ever had sit on my eyeball" and we also were delighted to hear " The whole experience was excellent".


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