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Archived News

Archived News

OCT: New State of the Art technology comes to Specs of Kensington

Date: 02/12/2011

Publish by: Specs Admin

At Specs of Kensington we are committed to providing you with the highest standards of eye care possible. Nearly a decade ago, years in advance of other organisations, Specs of Kensington was one of the first practices in the UK to introduce Digital Retinal Imaging as a preferred service for patients. This technique is now widely accepted as an important part of what a quality eye examination should include and is gradually becoming mainstream.

However, technology has moved on and the next generation of digital imaging is with us– a procedure known as 3D Digital OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). OCTs will now be found within most Hospital Eye Departments. OCT allows us to examine the retina and many other eye structures in much greater detail, not just in 2 dimensions but in 3. As with standard digital imaging, the procedure is quick and painless. It involves taking not only digital photographs but also ‘optical ultrasound’ scans. All the clinical advantages of long term comparison are retained, but smaller changes, often clinically important, but previously undetectable, can now be seen. This can lead to earlier and more accurate diagnosis of possible problems.

OCT is available to all patients. We advise that ‘baseline scans’are taken for all people, for future reference.

OCT - Optical Coherence Tomography