Everyone has different requirements for their glasses frames fit and style. At Specs of Kensington we offer an extensive range of frames catering for every age and need. Unlike other high street opticians, your glasses frames will always be fitted by a qualified dispensing optician as their extensive training gives them a clear understanding on what glasses frames will fit and suit you.


At Specs of Kensington we cater to the individual. We want to design a pair of glasses for you that give you excellent vision, are totally comfortable to wear and suit your face to a T! The possibilities are infinite with unlimited combinations of lens shapes and frame colours. Our expert Dispensing Opticians have all the skills to help you choose exactly what you want.

Designer Frames

At Specs of Kensington we pride ourselves on having the latest designer brands to ensure that we can offer you the perfect pair of designer glasses. We know that our customers expect quality and style when they come to see us, which is why we carefully select our glasses range to make sure that our collections offer everything you want from your eyewear requirements.

Our range of designer glasses includes the latest styles from some of the World’s most fashionable names, including Alain Mikli, Anglo American, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Cutler & Gross, Flexon, Giorgio Armani, Lindberg, Modo, Moscot, Maui Jim, Nike, Oliver Peoples, Paul & Joe, Paul Smith, Prada, Prodesign, Ray-Ban, Silhouette, Starck, William Morris and Zoobug. And, when you pair that frame choice with Specs of Kensington unparalleled expertise in vision and eyecare, you can be assured that when you leave our opticians, you’ll feel confident that you have the best frame choice for your eyes, face and style.

Why not pop into Specs of Kensington and have a look through our range of designer glasses- you can also book an eye test to see whether your prescription has changed.

Mens Frames

Specs of Kensington offer a huge choice of men’s frames with quality, style, and value in mind. Our trained, professional and friendly staff understand the needs of our customers and will help guide you through our extensive range of glasses.

We offer a full, expert service when discussing your frame choice and will help you find just the right frame that fits you well, suits your face and is comfortable to wear. We will discuss your requirements, your lifestyle and any leisure or sport activities which you may enjoy, so that we can offer advice on a frame and lens combination that is truly specific to your needs.

Why not pop into Specs of Kensington and have a look through our range of designer glasses you can also book an eye test to see whether your prescription has changed.

Womens Frames

Every woman has her own impeccable style and here at Specs of Kensington we recognise that. We take great care in sourcing quality frames to suit all tastes, keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends while respecting the importance of continuing to provide classic designs.

That is why we stock an unrivalled choice of designer brands in women’s glasses. With nearly every major designer creating spectacles with a distinct and recognisable style, it has become easier to find women’s glasses that both compliment current fashion and enhance your face.

It can be difficult to decide on that perfect pair of designer glasses, which is why Specs of Kensington have fully qualified dispensing opticians who are trained to find you a frame that not only fits your lens prescription, but also compliments your fashion style and gives you the confidence to feel at your best.

Whether you’re looking for women’s glasses that focuses on sophisticated fashion or modern designs; American luxury or British tailor made; sport use over indoor use; an understated look or ultimate luxury; we have friendly, trained staff to help guide you through the frame process so that you end up with a pair of designer glasses that you are proud to wear.

Why not pop into Specs of Kensington and have a look through our range of designer glasses- you can also book an eye test to see whether your prescription has changed.


Choosing the right frame choice for your child is even more important than adults because your child is undergoing a period of rapid growth and a frame that does not fit properly can create more damage to the vision. Along with a friendly, qualified and expert service, we have a great range of fun, colourful and designer glasses tailored to children. Whether your child fancies something bright and colourful, in keeping with the latest trends, tough and impact resistant or linked with their favourite cartoons, we have the perfect choice for them.

NHS entitlement

If you need a new prescription after your free NHS eye test, your Optometrist will issue an optical voucher if you are entitled to help towards the cost of glasses or contact lenses.

Those entitled are:

  • You are under 16 or aged 16-18 and in full-time education.
  • You or your partner receives Income Support.
  • You or your partner receives Universal Credit
  • You or your partner receives Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance.
  • You or your partner receives Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.
  • You’re entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate.
  • You are named on a valid HC2 certificate.
  • You are prescribed complex lenses (supplement only).

If you want more information on the NHS Free eye test or contributions towards the cost of glasses, just speak to us at Specs of Kensington or contact the NHS directly on 0845 46 47.

Spectacles Repairs

Accidents can happen anywhere, which is why Specs of Kensington offer a glasses repair service to get you back on track. If your glasses or sunglasses are damaged or broken then they can often be easily repaired and we are more than happy to look at them. Here at Specs of Kensington you can drop in, to get your spectacles assessed and repaired where possible. Sometimes your frame might just need an adjustment, a new screw or a spare part.

We can often repair your frames or sunglasses whilst you wait or, if not, we can send them to our specialist repair laboratory to have them fixed.

Glasses repairs and lens replacements can make your favourite spectacles as good as new. Why not combine your visit to us with an eye test? Call us today for an eye examination.



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